[Watch] Teacher Uses Hip-Hop to Empower Kids in Math and Life

Terrance Sims is a sixth-grade teacher at Milwaukee Excellence. He created a hip-hop video featuring his students to get them, “pumped about being in my classroom.” The video is going viral.



“I went to a new school this year,” explains Sims. “So I wanted them excited to work with me. After they heard what I wrote, they began adding lyrics and that got the ball moving.  The first girl rapping, Aryn, I have taught math the last four years and she came to the new school with me. I knew she was talented so she took the first verse and ran with it. Savannah, the second lady, was very vibrant and excited (and extremely talented), so she took the next verse.”

“We are now doing academic songs and videos to hip-hop beats daily and will be putting more videos out. I reach my kids not only through music but through many facets of their African American culture,” he says.

“Whatever it takes to get kids to learn, I am willing to do.”


Watch this incredibly inspiring video below: