Education Secretary Arne Duncan Discusses His Legacy

This week in “Our World”, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, tells us about a bold new proposal for nonviolent offenders and a reallocation of 15 billion dollars to help getting the best teachers to help the neediest students with reading, writing and arithmetic. Our profile is Shashicka TyreHill, the first young African American woman to receive a home healthcare license in the United States, tells us how this opportunity and its expansion grew out of challenges in her personal life. Then, we get tips from Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Julian Castro, the youngest member of President Obama’s cabinet. He talks to us about how he is looking to make sure there’s affordable and accessible housing across the country. Our feature profile is a new chef, Executive Pastry Chef Mame Sow and CCAP, a program dedicated to helping to find creativity and careers in the best kitchens for kids at risk.