Navigating the Book Publishing World: Insights From Elona Washington

In the book publishing world, every story is as unique as the author crafting the words on the pages. As an outsider looking in, you might wonder whether it’s in the cards for you to share your story with the world. After all, going from idea to published book isn’t a literary walk in the park — whether you plan to self-publish or work with a publisher. However, Elona Washington is here to tell you that becoming an author can be a real possibility if you set your mind to it. As the founder of The Author’s Journey, a book marketing agency, Washington helps amplify the income and impact of nonfiction authors. “I do what I can to make sure that your books are sold and your brand platform is elevated,” she says. This article is a recap of key takeaways on all things book publishing, turning challenges into opportunities, and believing in the power of your personal story. Let’s get into the details.