Steelo Brim Talks Transition to Music, Serving As EP on “Ridiculousness”

Steelo Brim is branching out from his MTV persona and sat down with "Hip Hop & Enterprise" to dish on his new role as a rapper. Comedian, producer, writer, actor, and now musician, Steelo is best known as the co-host of MTV series Ridiculousness, which has run over 26 seasons in 11 years. He also expresses himself through his weekly comedic podcast, Wine & Weed. Many don't know that Steelo has navigated the music industry through A&R & publishing, working with renowned artists like Miguel, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick, MikeWillMadeIt & more. Now as he steps into the booth, Steelo is expressing himself in new ways that are reshaping his career and outlook on the world.