Derrick Lambert, LRG Clothing, ‘I Ain’t Fresh’ Guy

Viral ‘I Ain’t Fresh’ Guy Might’ve Landed An LRG Ad Campaign

The now-viral "I Ain't Fresh" guy is showing just how fly he can be with his recent endorsement from LRG clothing.

The now-viral “I Ain’t Fresh” guy is showing just how fly he can be with his recent endorsement from LRG clothing.

Dallas resident Derrick Lambert became a trending topic last week after being on the receiving end of a young group who attempted to clown his fit. Rocking a pair of sky blue New Balances with a pair of blue jeans and a striped sky blue and white Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, Lambert garnered widespread support on social media from many who defended his attire.

Now one week later it looks like the social media star might’ve landed his first ad campaign after catching the attention of Lifted Research Group (LRG). On Monday, March 25, the streetwear brand shared a photo showing Lambert rocking a brown LRG shirt with matching pants and a pair of his signature New Balance sneakers.

“Salute to @dlamb870 #WhoAintFresh #DLamb4DaWin #lrgclothing 🌲🫡” the company captioned the photo that included Lambert’s new catchphrase “I Ain’t Fresh?”

LRG responded with four fire flames when Lambert first shared the image the day before. No word on if the Orange County-based clothing company received Lambert’s permission to turn his photo into an ad campaign. But it’s likely they received the green light before making the move.

A separate post showed Lambert rocking a white LRG t-shirt with brown khakis and a pair of Nike sneakers. The company teased an “interview” with Lambert was on the way.

It’s the latest nod to Lambert’s growing popularity after getting mocked outside of a Dallas Whataburger by the two young ladies who found his fashion style funny.

“I ain’t fresh?” he asked the people recording the video while holding his Whataburger order.

“You not fresh, no. Sometimes, you just gotta take your L, bro,” one person said in response.

“No, sir,” added another.

Lambert appeared visibly defeated as the group laughed. They did later admit to joking around and told Lambert they were recording him “cause you fresh, bro.”

The negative encounter turned positive for Lambert who followed up with a video sharing all the love he’s been getting since the video went viral. He also spoke with Rolling Out about his newfound fame, the anti-bullying campaign he’s developing, and shared all the DMs he’s been getting from women hoping to snag a date.

Another clothing endorsement could be on the way for Lambert after he shared a recent photo that received a comment from T.I.s Akoo Clothing telling the TikTok star to check his DMs. Lambert is living proof of what can happen when you turn lemons into lemonade.

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