Viral TikTok Claims Black Women are Being Intentionally Hunted and Killed in St. Louis

Viral TikTok Claims Black Women are Being Intentionally Hunted and Killed in St. Louis

Nearly a dozen women have been either shot or killed in St. Louis over the last week. One woman believes they are somehow connected and has taken her frustration about it on TikTok.

TikTok user LamaraIndigo has gone viral for a video she posted that has now been viewed more than 240,000 times.

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In the video, she said someone is “hunting Black women” and intentionally shooting and killing Black women. She claims they are not being assaulted or robbed, but killed.

According to local news outlets, of the shootings and killings in St. Louis involving women over the last week, there were two Black women and one white woman killed, six Black women shot, and one Hispanic woman shot.

LamaraIndigo says she thinks people in St. Louis no longer view murders or horrific crimes as abnormal, but have become desensitized to all the violence.

“This is me doing something”.

LamaraIndigo suggests the violence is not being done by someone from St. Louis and says she thinks someone is coming in from out of the area to commit the crimes.

Meanwhile, while police have not responded directly to the allegations presented by LamaraIndigo,  St. Louis police say sex workers have been targeted and either shot or shot at by unknown suspects. Police are also investigating two August robberies on Cote Brilliante. 

Investigators say those incidents involved a suspect named “D” that had been meeting women on the MegaPersonals dating app for consensual sex. Police say “D” would then rob the women.

According to, recently many people have searched or Googled the terms “serial killer” and “St. Louis.” St. Louis Investigators stated that the suspect or suspects involved in the connected cases is unknown at this time.

Police also said the investigations are still ongoing.