Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew Are Empowering the Next Generation of Music Moguls
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Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew Are Empowering the Next Generation of Music Moguls

Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew
Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew, the founders of the Power 2 Inspire progam

Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew are paving the way through their mentorship and internship program, Power 2 Inspire. This program was created to help cultivate and develop the next generation of Black and Brown music creators and music business leaders. From the applicants, 25 hand-picked, creatively talented mentees between the ages of 18–24 will receive a four-week virtual experience to learn the ropes from professional music producers, singers/songwriters, and music label executives. These future music moguls will get a front-row view of what it takes to succeed in the music industry and complete projects under the tutelage of mentors from across the United States and abroad. “Our overall goal is to help these young music professionals ascend to their highest selves,” says Scott Chew.

African Americans have transformed culture and society through music since its origin. “It is more important than ever that the music business equip young musicians and music professionals with opportunities to lead and excel. We believe that by granting mentees with access and exposure, they will be equipped with the experience and relationships needed to succeed in the music business,” said Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew.

Power 2 Inspire
Vivian Scott Chew

BE: What does your mentorship program offer participants?

Vivian: Even though it’s 25 mentees, it’s a very intimate setting between the mentor and the mentee. We have 75 mentors. We wanted them all to get a great 360 view of what the music industry is. From the music industry lane, musician/producer, singer/songwriter, the mentees are very well-versed in the industry.

music mentorship
Ray Chew

BE: What inspired you to launch this program?

Ray: Community responsibility. My mother was a community activist. She instilled in me and my sister the value of helping people in the community. And also the community at large. With that, I’ve been helped and mentored in my life and in my career.

Some of the mentors the mentees have are David Massey, former President of Island Records, and president of Arista, entertainment maven Ramon Hervey, Lynn Scott (HitCo), MC Lyte (alongside her business partner Lynn Richardson), Makeba Riddick-Woods, Bob Celestin, and so many more!



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