Waffle House Makes Customers Pay for Security Guard

One Waffle House store says unruly customers have left them with no choice but to hire a security guard. And they added a 20% surcharge to cover his salary.

The location has been forced to hire an off-duty Atlanta police officer due to rowdy behavior from patrons who frequent the establishment after attending local nightclubs in the area, as well as other “unsavory characters.”

The Waffle House, located at Underground Atlanta, says the practice isn’t new and that they’ve been employing off-duty cops as security since 2008. The 24 hour restaurant is located on Upper Alabama Street, an area that’s known for its high crime.

In a statement issued Sunday, Waffle House Vice President Pat Warner said: “We’re are excited about being in downtown Atlanta and investing in the Underground. We want to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. In an effort to be proactive we are being upfront and adding a 20% surcharge to help offset the cost of private security.”

Staff at the restaurant inform customers of the surcharge immediately when they sit down. While some customers understand the need, many feel the surcharge is unfair.

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