Why Waiting to Have a Child Isn’t a Bad Idea

Why Waiting to Have a Child Isn’t a Bad Idea

When is the best time to have a child?

A Madame Noire writer took on the touchy topic weighing both the pros and cons of motherhood before 30.

Below is an excerpt:

More than I care to admit, the topic of relationships, careers and children has been coming up a lot around my apartment these days. This Saturday night was no different. As my housemate and I sat in the kitchen talking, we somehow stumbled onto the topic of whether to have children in your 20′s, or wait until your 30′s.

She said if she finds a man she wants to marry before 30, no ifs, ands or buts about it– “I popping out dem babies in my 20’s.” I giggled at her Trinidad accent, completely objecting to the idea of having any children before the age of 30. Hell, I’ll even take 29 on the verge of turning 30, but before then– I’m not feeling the idea.

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