Walmart Establishes New Way to Find Women Entrepreneurs’ Products

If you want to know where something was made, what material was used, or if you’re eating a gluten-free product, the answer can simply be found in the label. Now, Walmart is taking the details on a label a step further by implementing a special symbol that will let consumers know if the product they are buying is produced by a female entrepreneur.

The logo will be a distinct small, circular symbol and will be found in Walmart-sold products starting this September.

“People are looking for reasons to feel good about the company they’re buying from,” Pamela Prince-Eason, chief executive officer of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council tells Bloomberg Businessweek.

In 2011, Walmart pledged to source $20 billion of goods produced from women-owned businesses by 2016 and the addition of this new logo is definitely a move in the right direction to show its continued support for female entrepreneurs.

“I think there’s a very strong business case for having the logo on a product,” adds Prince-Eason, who also cites that research from the retail giant shows that 90% of female shoppers will seek out goods marketed by women-owned businesses.