If You Shopped At Walmart Within The Last 6 Years, You May Be Entitled To $500

The large retailer settled a class-action lawsuit for $45 million. Customers who shopped at Walmart between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024, could be compensated

A class-action lawsuit against Walmart garnered a $45 million settlement, and customers who shopped at the chain between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024, may be entitled to be compensated $500.

The retail giant was sued in 2022 for alleged “deceptive business practices” in Florida and has agreed to settle the lawsuit, although they deny any wrongdoing. The store was sued because customers were purportedly overpaying for “weighted goods” like bagged citrus fruits, meat, and seafood. Customers were paying more for the items than the lowest in-store advertised price for those products.

The lawsuit stated, “Walmart uses unfair and deceptive business practices to deceivingly, misleadingly, and unjustly pilfer, to Walmart’s financial benefit, its customers’ hard-earned grocery dollars.”

A website announced the results of the Kukorinis v. Walmart Inc. lawsuit to instruct consumers on how they could receive the award of $500.

“All Persons 1 who Purchased Weighted Goods and/or Bagged Citrus in-person at a Walmart retail store, supercenter, or neighborhood market in the United States or Puerto Rico (“Walmart Store”) from October 19, 2018, through and including January 19, 2024 (the “Settlement Class Period”).”

If this applies to you, you have a limited time to apply to receive the award. The deadline is May 22 (postmarked letter) if you decide to exclude yourself and/or want to object to or comment on the settlement offer. If you choose to claim the $500 award, you have until June 5 to submit your acceptance of the settlement offer online. If you choose to submit it via regular mail, it must be postmarked no later than the same June 5 date.

You do have the choice to do nothing. It states, “Unless you exclude yourself from the Settlement, you are automatically part of the Settlement. If you do nothing, you will get no payment from this Settlement, and you will give up the right to sue, continue to sue, or be part of another lawsuit against Walmart related to the legal claims resolved by this Settlement.”

USA Today reported that Walmart provided the media outlet with a statement:

“We will continue providing our customers everyday low prices to help them save money on the products they want and need. We still deny the allegations. However, we believe a settlement is in the best interest of both parties.”