Wanting To Help

I am a makeup artist and hair stylist with three children and a fiancé, but I once experienced the challenges of being a young, single mother. Now I want to help others in that situation. Can you offer some suggestions for starting a nonprofit organization to help young, single, mothers?–K. Douglas, Oklahoma City

I applaud your drive to make a difference in the lives of women who are in the situation that you once found yourself in.

Running a nonprofit is a lot of work, especially on top of your current professional and personal endeavors. Some of the challenges you’ll face include incorporating and applying for tax exemptions in your state, apprising yourself of federal laws and regulations, that apply to nonprofits, as well as staffing, advocacy, strategic planning, and bookkeeping.

If you are prepared to devote the time and effort required to build and manage a nonprofit, start by reading The Nonprofit Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Run Your Nonprofit Organization by Gary M. Grobman.

Also consider helping an existing nonprofit. For example, you could volunteer your makeup and styling skills to an organization that helps disadvantaged women re-enter the workforce (i.e. Dress for Success: Tulsa, 918-599-8892; Tulsa@dressforsuccess.org). I am sure they would welcome your help.

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