Warner Music Group Accepting Applications for its HBCU Immersion Program

Warner Music Group Accepting Applications for its HBCU Immersion Program

Fresh off its pioneering HBCU immersion program with Culture Creators. Warner Music Group is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 program.

In April, the inaugural WMG HBCU Immersion Program featured 32 students selected from over 150 applicants, The Source reported. In January 2023, applications will be accepted into an interactive six-week program that prepares HBCU students for a career in the music industry.

Applicants must be a college junior, senior, or graduate student currently enrolled in an approved HBCU who has a strong interest in music. During the six weeks, students must commit to three hours every week.

“As a proud HBCU alum, I am thrilled about the creation of WMG’s HBCU Immersion Program,” said Dr. Maurice Stinnett, WMG, global head of diversity, equity and inclusion.

“HBCUs are full of talent, brilliance, and creativity—everything we need in the next generation of leaders in the music industry. I’m so proud to offer this training opportunity in partnership with Culture Creators, which I know will further strengthen the leadership, skills and innovation of these amazing students,” Stinnett added.

Through the Culture Creators curriculum, the program aims to provide the knowledge necessary to create a pipeline of diverse and talented music professionals. Students will receive comprehensive learning in five cutting-edge modules: artists and repertoire, marketing, data science, business development, and administration and licensing. In addition, students will gain guidance on career development as well as learn the ins and outs of the music business from WMG leaders and more.

Along the way, students will participate in weekly live virtual sessions, interactive learning activities and guest speaker panels.

After the program is successfully completed, each student can apply what they learned in the WMG’s Summer Emerging Talent Associate Program.

“The key to creating an equitable environment for students of color to learn, grow, and rise in the music business relies on executives and companies’ willingness to give them access and support,” says Joi Brown, founder of Culture Creators and head of strategic partnerships at ICM Partners.

She continued: “The WMG Immersion program provided access, leadership, education, and mentorship, not to mention opportunity to intern across all business units. We’re proud to have been co-conspirators in the program and looking forward to our next cohort of students to run through the program.”