Warren Sapp

Looks Like NFL Hall Of Famer Warren Sapp Will Join Deion Sanders’ Coaching Staff

The defensive specialist has already interacted with the CU players during the season.

In September, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp stated that he had been so impressed with the way his fellow Hall of Famer Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders has been succeeding as a coach at the college level, that he wanted to join his staff. Now, Coach Prime is giving him his wish as he will be joining the team.

On his talk show recently, Sanders revealed that the former defensive player, who was feared when he played in the NFL, will be helping the college players at the University of Colorado Boulder. With only one football game left in the season, it is assumed that Sapp will be on staff for the next season, though no details on when Sapp will start were given.

“I’m excited about Coach Sapp. He’s a dear friend that I love to life, and he’s going to be invaluable to what he brings to the table. The kids are going to love him. As far as the recruits, as well, they’re going to love him.”

It’s been reported that the former defensive tackle has been at several Buffaloes games this season and has already been interacting with the players at the school.

In September, he appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and expressed excitement about being admired by the college students.

“Them kids, you know what, for the first time in my life, I was loved on by some defensive linemen, and they wanted to know, like, the keys to the vault,” Sapp told Eisen. “I had five, six young men around me, Rich, that was basically ready to strip search me like ‘I know that there’s a key in there, somewhere, that you’re gonna give me.’”

He added that he was making the preparations to make sure he would be there for the young players for the upcoming season.

“I want to be there next year. I’m going to get everything, the paperwork, and I’m going to go to work. Because sitting on my couch watching tape, making ‘Sapp in the Lab.’ I’m gonna go Sapp into class. I’m gonna go Sapp online. I’m finna go get this degree. Then we’re gonna go out and teach these kids these five steps to the quarterback,” he said.

From the announcement that Sanders gave, it looks like the former Tamba Bay Buccaneer completed what was needed to become official.

The Buffaloes will play their last game of the season on Saturday, Nov. 25 at Salt Lake City. Even though the team has a losing record of 4-7, win or lose, they still posted a better record than last season when they were 1-11.

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