WATCH: ‘Dear White People’ Advocates For Racial Insurance

WATCH: ‘Dear White People’ Advocates For Racial Insurance

With Justin Simien’s Dear White People filling up theaters around the nation, there latest promo imagines a world where one can buy “racism insurance” for those not-too-PC moments.

The video, which you can see for yourself below, features a clueless white man who conversationally spews racist comments at various black people. The reactions are all full of shock and disdain at the level of ignorance displayed. This is when a member of the Racism Insurance comes in to save the day.

A suave black man appears to save the day by diffusing the situation. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it ends with a life lesson learned. The folks behind Dear White People add an element of satire in hopes of raising awareness of the film being in theaters.

You can peep the video for yourself below:

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SOURCE: Shadow And Act