[VIDEO] Luxury Retailers Add ‘SMART’ Mirrors to Enhance Fitting Room Experience

Trying clothes on in the dressing room can be frustrating at times. In addition to making sure you have the correct size, you’re trying to figure out the right color and how one look compares to the other 3-4 looks. Thankfully, uber style service is upon us. Several luxury retailers, like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s, are implementing ‘SMART’ mirrors to help you do everything from request a shirt in a different color to order champagne to your fitting room.

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In January 2015, Neiman Marcus launched the Memory Mirror in three of its locations – Walnut Creek, California, San Francisco and Plano, Texas. The Neiman Marcus Memory Mirror allows you to see yourself in a few different outfits, side by side, before deciding on your next wardrobe. In addition to the video and/or still option, you can even take snapshots from the digital mirror and share the photos with Facebook friends to ask them which jeans looks best with a specific shirt.

Neiman Marcus isn’t the only retailer revolutionizing the in store shopping experience. During an interview with ABC news, CEO Uri Mink of Rebecca Minkoff said the luxury clothing designer is testing the fitting room technology in New York and San Francisco and it will be rolling out the technology when it opens stores in Chicago and Los Angeles later this year. Here is how it works: A touch screen allows the customer to flip through a catalog and indicate which items he or she wants in the dressing room. Once the customer inputs their cellphone number, the sales clerk texts the customer when the fitting room is ready. When the shopper walks in the dressing area, the mirror recognizes the items and displays the different clothing on the screen. Mink also stated that the two stores testing this technology are selling the clothing two and a half times faster than expected and shoppers are increasing the number of items they buy by 30 percent. “We are creating dressing room therapy,” said Uri Minkoff.

[Below: Watch Fast Company’s video of Rebecca Minkoff’s Store of The Future]

Are you excited about technology enhancing the fitting room experience? Why or Why not?