Watch Rajon Rondo on Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild

Watch Rajon Rondo on Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild

Rajon Rondo may not be back on the court with the Boston Celtics, but that doesn’t mean the 27-year-old star isn’t keeping up with appearances with the national media.

Rondo, who is rehabbing after suffering an ACL tear last regular season, enjoyed his team’s day off in between games at Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center. The surprising Celtics, who are under their first year under rookie coach Brad Stevens, embarrassed the Knicks at MSG.

Already, pundits are wondering what Rondo might improve about the newly outfitted Celtics, who carry a 10-12 record into Tuesday night’s contest against the Nets. His game could certainly add some spacing, pace and ball movement to the Celtics’ offense. But for now, Rondo seems content getting better — especially with a team and a new coach who are more than holding their own without him.

Said Rondo of the unexpected resurgence, “I think everyone is playing for one another.”

Watch Rondo take questions from the panel:

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Rondo then took part in CGW’s Questions Out of Left Field segment:

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