WATCH: Russell Simmons Talks Farrakhan, Success, and 'Super Rich'

WATCH: Russell Simmons Talks Farrakhan, Success, and ‘Super Rich’

(Image: Lonnie C. Major)

Hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons has reached a point where he may well fit his definition of success: “The state of needing nothing.” But the founder of Def Jam, Phat Farm and Rush Communications is not resting on his laurels. He’s written a book that is on the New York Times best-seller list, Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All and he has supported Rabbi Marc Schneier’s efforts to improve relations between Jews and Arabs.

Yet, the hip-hop entrepreneur stands by his assertion that Louis Farrakhan is his second father. “He’s a great hero of mine. He has been overlooked by African-Americans.”  He says he is aware of Farrakhan’s rift with the Jewish community. “You can like anyone you want,” he says. “You’re not guilty because you know someone and like them. They don’t have to like your other friends.”

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