[WATCH] The U.S. Department of Education Hosts ‘Parent Camp’ in Washington D.C.

On October 26, in Washington DC, the ParentCamp team and the United States Department of Education, will host “ParentCamp,” a one-day free event for parents and teachers. Unlike a traditional conference setting, which has presenters delivering content to attendees, the founders of the “ParentCamp” consider it a “un-conference,” because the event relies upon the expertise and perspective of the entire room of parents and teachers, so anyone can be a presenter.

According to the website, sessions are geared toward elementary, middle and/or high school parents, and there are “discussion leaders” in each session who set the tone for collaborative dialogue led by teachers, parents, and school and community leaders. The event is also non-commercial and conducted with a vendor-free presence so that the focus is on enhancing a child’s learning experience, not selling products.

[Below: Watch video for some insight on what you can expect, of Knapp Elementary 2013 “unconference” for parents]

To register for Parent Camp USA register at EventBrite. If you’re interested in leading a discussion, submit your interest form to Parent Camp USA here.