Wealth Summit for Professional Athletes Comes to Miami Beach

Wealth Summit for Professional Athletes Comes to Miami Beach

NKSFB Sports has formally announced the sequel to the impressive showing from last summer’s inaugural NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit in Aspen.

Conceived as a world-class, wealth education and business networking event for professional athletes, the Wealth Summit was curated by the business management firm NKSFB Sports as a financial education and empowerment forum for professional athletes. What’s being framed as the inaugural winter event will take place, February 23- 25, 2022 at the famed Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

It’s been widely reported that 78% of professional athletes go broke within 3 years of retirement. This is notwithstanding average earnings of $24.7 million for NBA players and $17.9 million for professional baseball players. Even more, it’s reported that 15.7% of retired NFL players file for bankruptcy within 12 years of retirement.

The NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit is intended to forcibly address this dynamic by creating a forum on wealth, financial management and investment. The Summit covers covering a full range of topics, including private equity, franchising, digital currencies, real estate, art collection, philanthropy, and more. Keynote addresses, breakout sessions and panel discussions by some of the biggest names in business and sports offer unique perspective on how to both responsibly steward the trappings of newfound wealth, as well as leverage their influence and earnings as active investors in a vibrant, global economy.

Special guest speakers for the upcoming Summit include award winning artist, producer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams; hip hop artist and entrepreneur Rick Ro$$, NFL Hall of Famer and FCS Coach of the Year winner, Deion Sanders, investor/entrepreneur David Grutman, the founder of Groot Hospitality, which runs some of the most profitable nightclubs and restaurants in the United States, and EVP & Chief Marketing Officer of BET Networks Kimberly Evan Paige. This upcoming Summit will also feature a special Women’s Empowerment Forum for the equally influential wives and mothers of world class athletes.

“We’ve found that athletes are as interested in being equally great in their financial lives as they are in their sport,” says Craig Brown, Partner and Co-Founder of NKSFB Sports.

“This Summit is more than educational and networking event. Our goal is to give athletes a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate and even grow the wealth their hard work, discipline and success has earned for themselves and their families.”

The forum is available to attendees on an invite-only basis.