Showing Women of Color Ways to "Glow Up"

With the launch of OMNoire, a health and wellness platform for women of color, serial entrepreneurs Christina Rice and Amber Forrester are showing women that self-care and success go hand in hand. “We officially launched OMNoire with the goal to encompass all things wellness that includes yoga, meditation, and spiritual growth, as well as special events throughout the year for a community of women who are dedicated to living well from the inside out,” says Rice. The pair met with Black Enterprise for a quick interview.

Black Enterprise: What was your motivation for creating an exclusive retreat focused on women of color?

There are not many [retreats] out there that focus on women of color. Also, we all have a supportive network who are excited to experience a one-of-a-kind retreat that is designed for women like them.

We want attendees to walk away inspired and empowered to live their very best lives, however, they define success for themselves. Whether it’s leaving that job or relationship that no longer serves them, taking the leap into entrepreneurship, or moving to a new country, conquering a fear, etc. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable so that you seek opportunities that will grow and stretch you into new dimensions.

BE: What can attendees expect?

Over the four-day weekend we have a mix of yoga and meditation sessions, inspiring brunch and dinner discussions with entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, fitness enthusiasts, and global travelers around topics that include: Power of Purpose, Creating a Life You Love Through Positive Affirmations, Living Life With Intention, and moreas well as exhilarating adventures around the island such as Grenada by land & sea, waterfall hikes, a beach bonfire party, snorkeling, and more.

We also brought on Necole Kane, founder of, as a partner, co-host, and speaker. If anyone has followed her journey, they will hear about her career, fitness, and overall life transformation. Another one of our supporting partners is Jet Black, a boutique travel firm that offers a variety of travel-related services to individuals, governments, and brands with a focus on encouraging tourism to countries in the African diaspora. We’re also announcing more speakers. Our first event is the “Glow-Up” Wellness Retreat taking place in Grenada, Oct. 5-9, 2017.