Wellness Travel Big Business in the New Year
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

(Image: ThinkStock)

The new year brings a promise of renewal; a fresh feeling that often motivates people to go into the new year living their best lives, eating healthy, working out and all of that positive stuff — but sometimes those plans to improve the quality of life lived can fall to the wayside. That’s why destinations across the country are tapping into wellness tourism.

This is not to say that wellness is a new phenomenon, rather the niche market is beginning to increase its all inclusive offerings for those looking for a different type of vacation experience.

But, the experience depends on how the traveler defines wellness. According to SRI International, an independent not for profit research firm, the wellness movement is “a proactive and holistic approach” focused on addressing “the root causes of our personal and societal ills.” Wellness tourism is a $106 billion piece of the trillion dollar wellness industry, and that trend is expected to grow in the coming year. By 2020, the wellness industry is expected to grow to $10 trillion.

Wellness vacations are not for those with shallow pockets. A trip to Miraval can cost in upwards of $495 a night. And, some of the destination locations require that visitors, to attend a conference or seminar before a personal holiday can be booked.

But, if travel in the name of rejuvenation is on the short list of things to do in 2013, head over to the New York Times for the list of hot spots in the new year.

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