WeMontage: Interior Design with Photo Wall Art

Inspiration hit WeMontage founder James Oliver Jr., when his wife called him into the room while watching a home re-modeling show on HGTV. He watched as the re-model crew hung photo collages as large wallpaper sections in the basement of the house they were redecorating.

“I was mesmerized by the beauty and uniqueness of the concept,” says Oliver. “I looked around and discovered no one was truly making it easy to recreate what I saw…and so WeMontage was born.”

WeMontage is a new platform that allows families to create custom, designer wallpaper sections from personal photo collections selected by the customer. The proprietary platform was created with professional photographers and interior designers in mind. Using “drag and drop” gives customers complete freedom to create their own uniquely styles wallpaper collage or “WeMontage.” There is nothing for customers to download, since WeMontage hosts the actual application. Users simply create an account, upload their photos, then drag & drop the photos onto the montage canvas. Once they approve their design, it’s ready to go.

“The wallpaper sections are completely re-positionable, creating a mobile family art display, just in time for the holidays.”

WeMontage arrives ready for application to a smooth, flat wall surface. The sections can be repositioned and peel away cleanly. The unique appeal of creating a wall full of your hand selected photographs are sure to be a wonderful addition to any room this holiday season.

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