Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Accuses Her Team of Blocking Medical Care

Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Accuses Her Team of Blocking Medical Care

Kevin Hunter, former husband of talk show maven Wendy Williams, is speaking out on issues that have directly affected his ex-wife. .

Hunter went on Instagram Live and later posted to his page discussing Williams’ condition and other family matters. He said he wanted to clear the air regarding what he and his ex-wife had accomplished throughout her career with his involvement.

“When it comes to whatever narratives that might be spun out there—regarding me, my entire family—I want to first and foremost say I truly respect all I was able to experience with my ex-wife and what we were able to accomplish,” he said.

“What she has clearly accomplished on her own and her own merit, and what we were able to accomplish together.”

He talked about the infidelity that led to his divorce and having a child with another woman. Hunter took accountability for his actions and the results.

Hunter said there were people around Williams who attempted to prevent his son, Kevin Jr., from doing a wellness check on Williams. At one point, Hunter said he had to threaten to call 911 when parties wouldn’t allow medical personnel to check on Williams at her apartment.

“Management clearly put her in a life and death situation and denied medical coverage and care,” Hunter said. “If it wasn’t for my son and myself stepping in” Williams may not be alive today.

“You got somebody sitting there, who just got here, telling your son ‘No. You can’t send these people up to her place to save her or to do our real wellness check.'”

Hunter said it was to “a point where [Kevin Jr. had to say] ‘if you don’t let these people upstairs and go look at my moms, I’m calling 911!’ That’s the only thing that allowed rescuers to get up there.”

“Two blood transfusions later, that queen still here.”

The full video is below.