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Her Hands Are Tied: Wendy Williams Reportedly ‘Can’t Do Anything About’ Son’s Eviction

Wendy Williams’ publicist is responding to the recent news of her son’s eviction from his Miami apartment and says it is out of Wendy’s hands.

This week, The Sun unearthed reports revealing the $70,000 lawsuit launched against Wendy’s 22-year-old son Kevin Hunter Jr. back in August. The suit claims Kevin Jr. agreed to move out of his Miami pad in September after falling behind on the rent once his lease ran out.

In the wake of the claims, Wendy’s publicist Shawn Zanotti explained how her conservatorship is preventing her from releasing funds without approval.

“At this point, Wendy is under a conservatorship that was ordered by a federal New York judge,” Zanotti told The Neighborhood Talk. “All expenses must be cleared by her guardian via the courts.”

“There is a process where her expenses have to go through being verified and cleared before being paid.”

Zanotti went on to note how long the approval process can take and how it can cause Williams to miss deadlines, like her son’s rent.

“Wendy’s hands are tied and there is really nothing she can do right now. It’s a process that tends to go beyond the deadline of certain invoices,” the publicist continued. “She, honestly, can’t do anything about that.”

“It’s really sad how some outlets take headlines and misconstrue information just to get clicks and likes,” Zanotti added.

Kevin Jr. appeared in court to respond to the suit, where he blamed his mom’s financial woes for the back-owed rent.

“All this happened suddenly and all the financial support that she has always gave (sic) me stopped, including my housing,” Kevin Jr. told the courts.

The son of Wendy and her ex-husband Kevin Hunter admitted that his mother had paid in advance for a full year of rent for the $ 2 million luxury pad. But once his lease ran out and Wendy’s Wells Fargo accounts were frozen, he landed on hard times.

“When I moved, in my mom, Wendy Hunter, rented the apartment for me, paying for a full year plus security,” Kevin Jr. said, adding that Williams intended to purchase the home at the end of the lease.