Wendy Williams Shows Off Enlarged Foot, Talks About Her Medical Condition and New Podcast

Wendy Williams Shows Off Enlarged Foot, Talks About Her Medical Condition and New Podcast

Wendy Williams popped up on TMZ Live Tuesday to discuss her medical issues and how she is shifting gears from being a talk show host to becoming a podcaster.

“When you’re famous—podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing The Wendy Williams Show,” she said while sitting in her popular purple chair from her former show.

Williams said she has accumulated enough money to consider another career and knows many people she could invite to speak on her new digital streaming platform, according to TMZ.

Williams ended The Wendy Williams Show, which broadcasted for 14 years (2008-2022), after breaking with her show’s production company, Debmar-Mercury.

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Williams said she is in partnership with her manager Will Selby, who orchestrated the idea for her. Selby will serve as executive producer of the upcoming untitled podcast. 

“The beginning of what we are gonna do: podcasts will be with certain person, and then we will continue podcasts…honestly, I don’t know what podcast is,” the pop culture pundit admitted. “I can live for the rest of my life doing absolutely nothing.” 

When TMZ Live host Charles Latibeaudiere asked her goals for her new audio show, Williams incoherently replied, “Well, you guys, I mean maybe sneakers, you know, I’ve been on HSN and television, correct. OK, maybe I’ll do something with that or something else, you know, I have lymphedema. You know what that is, correct?”

When Latibeaudiere responded he did not know what her medical condition was, Williams proceeded to lift her leg, showing her swollen foot, and told him she had only five percent feeling.

Williams is not looking to return to daytime television in a full-time capacity but is interested in possibly guest hosting on shows like The View or The Real Housewives series.