Wendy Williams Was ‘At Death’s Door’ Due To Alcohol Addiction Before Friends Intervened

Former talk show host Wendy Williams was “at death’s door” due to her problems with alcohol before her friends intervened, according to Page Six. The outlet reported that Williams received two blood transfusions back in 2020.

The former host of The Wendy Williams Show was allegedly found catatonic inside of her apartment in New York City by DJ Boof. The  58-year-old’s ex-manager, Bernie Young, reportedly feared the public finding out and refused to dial 911.

“I don’t think he understood the extent of what was going on, and I don’t think he wanted it to get out that she was not well, and he definitely didn’t want a 911 call like [what] happened a year later,” said an eyewitness to Page Six. “She’s going to die. She literally couldn’t stand up. She was just lying on top of the covers, and she needed 911 help, and [Young’s] like, ‘We’re not getting 911.’”

The witness also said that Williams was soiled, non-responsive and appeared to be catatonic.

“She was in her robe, it was soiled, she was catatonic, she was in a very, very bad state. She was looking at the ceiling. She was just not responsive, but her eyes were open, but she was definitely in a catatonic state.”

The witness added that Williams’ apartment was littered with wine and bottles of Kettle One vodka. “We started clearing out a lot of liquor,” said the witness.

The witness also said that Kevin Hunter, Williams’ ex-husband, and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., talked to her on the phone and begged her to get help from Ron Clinton and her former sober team. Williams’ ex confirmed the story to Page Six. Boof drove Williams to the hospital and she received two blood transfusions due to low iron levels and spent four or five days in the facility.

“Boof was the savior of her f–king life,” one source said. “She was really, in my opinion, at death’s door. If we were not there that day, she would not be here. She would not have made it. If it weren’t for Kevin and Ron Clinton and his team, she wouldn’t have made it.” Williams’ talk show was hosted by several guest hosts as she recuperated before it was eventually canceled in 2021 during its last season. The final episode aired in June 0f 2022 after 13 seasons.

Her manager, Will Selby, told the outlet that Williams is looking forward to her new podcast The Wendy Experience and that she is feeling better every day.

“Her vitality and motivation is at an all-time high considering what she is going through,” said Selby. “All she talks about is her upcoming projects with ‘The Wendy Williams Experience’ and her new documentary slated to come in 2023.”