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‘We’re Black Actresses’ Says Gabrielle Union In TikTok Trend Video

Gabrielle Union joins in TikTok trend to shed light on the plight of Black actresses in Hollywood.

Gabrielle Union is giving insight into the realities of being a Black actress in Hollywood through a new TikTok trend. Union posted the clip to her social media, adding to the rise of other Black actresses speaking out against issues in the industry.

The “We’re” trend depicts those of a specific identity or demographic, noting the habits or issues they deal with. Union decided to join in on the viral moment, using it to spark further conversation on the lack of equality for Black actresses, including unfair wages and being mistaken for one another.

“I’m a Black actress and producer in Hollywood. Of course, I’ve been mistaken for Garcelle Beauvais, Brandy, Ashanti, Sanaa [Lathan], Nia [Long], both Halles [Berry and Bailey] and both Reginas [King and Hall],” started Union.

She continued, noting many problems Black actresses face while pursuing their craft.

“I’m a Black actress and producer in Hollywood. Of course, our box office successes never matter,” said Union, who herself has starred in numerous films and shows yet still not receiving rightful pay.

“Of course, I have to put my glam team in my contract, cause.., ” laughed the mother of one, referencing how makeup artists are rarely equipped with products or the skills that work for Black people.

“I’m a Black actress and producer in Hollywood. Of course, I’m going to have to work until it’s… the end… because we can’t retire. We don’t make enough,” revealed the 51-year-old.

“I’m a Black actress and producer in Hollywood, and, of course, my favorite phrase is ‘don’t f*ck with my money,” she ended the video, nodding that Black women will continue to fight for their equal pay in the industry.

This video comes at the heels of fellow Black actress Taraji P. Henson speaking in a SiriusXM interview about how her pay has not increased since her 2018 film Proud Mary, despite her continued success and rise in Hollywood. Henson revealed that the pay disparity also led her to nearly back out of her newly released film, the 2023 adaption of The Color Purple.

Henson and Union are a growing number in their cohort speaking up for themselves as they continue to be lowballed despite their achievements. Black actresses are standing up for equality in Hollywood for themselves and the next generation.