Fans at the Bayou Classic Thought Man Was Rolling a Blunt on Live TV — He was Warming Up a Cold Rib

Fans of the Southern University Jaguars and Grambling University Tigers gathered this past weekend from all over to attend the annual Bayou Classic matchup.

According to The Big Lead, as spectators inside Caesar’s Superdome in New Orleans looked up on the jumbo broadcast screen, a man appeared to be lighting an object in his hand that was assumed to be a blunt.

A Twitter user dashed online to post a video of their observations from what the camera captured during the broadcast.

The screen showed a man in a blue jacket looking down at a small item to which he was holding a lighter. A man beside him tapped him, directing him to look up at the screen. The man lighting the object smirked after he saw himself on the big screen.

A new conversation started after it was revealed that the man was not rolling a blunt but was only heating a rib with a lighter.

“Smoking ribs wherever, whenever,” one Twitter user wrote in a thread, while others replied with words like “dead” and “fantastic.”

According to NBC Sports, Southern University’s coach Eric Dooley was presented with the SWAC Western Division trophy after the Jaguars came out with the victory, ending the game with a final score of 34-17.

The Bayou Classic takes place every year on the weekend following Thanksgiving. Aside from the two HBCU teams squaring up on the football field, other events took place the week ahead of the matchup, including the annual Battle of The Bands and Greek show.

“Bayou Classic is the epitome of HBCU pride and tradition in Louisiana,” former Southern University student body president and Baton Rouge native Anthony Kenney said. “It has always been seen as a huge event, almost bigger than Thanksgiving itself. It’s a family rivalry but it is all about unity when it is said and done. I’m so glad I went to Southern U.”