What We Learned from Benjamin Crump
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What We Learned From Trayvon Martin’s Attorney, Benjamin Crump

(Image: FIle)

On Wednesday, Aug. 3, Black Enterprise held a Twitter Chat with Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin‘s attorney, Benjamin Crump. The #BESocialJustice Twitter Chat, moderated by Black Enterprise Senior Editor, Small Business, Carolyn Brown, discussed current challenges in the black community and changes that can be made for a better future.

During the conversation, Crump stressed the importance of social media in social justice and shared tips for individuals to make a difference in their own communities. He also touched on school systems playing a big role in the development and promotion of equality in schools.

Crump is being honored this week at the 2016 National Urban League Conference, where he will speak about the community’s need to know their rights and police accountability.

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