What Entrepreneurs Absolutely Have to Leave Behind in 2017

What Entrepreneurs Absolutely Have to Leave Behind in 2017

(Image: Malcolm "MJ" Harris)
(Image: Malcolm "MJ" Harris)

Malcolm “MJ” Harris is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has received the seal of approval from Oprah herself. Here are his tips from his mouth to your eyes and ears on what you absolutely have to leave in 2017 in order to prosper in your career, relationships, and life as a whole.

The Fear of Saying “No”

“No is firm, no is final and no is, more importantly, a complete sentence. Period. Dot. End of story. You don’t have to give any explanations as to why you said no. Explanations are a courtesy.”


Not Believing in Your Own Greatness

“It is not conceited, it is not arrogant to know that you are great, to walk within your self-worth. Think about every single thing that you have ever been through. The fact that you can get through that is a reflection of your resilience. You can’t manifest anything if you don’t believe in yourself. There is a direct tie between your level of belief within yourself and the level of accomplishments within your life.


People Pleasing

“Some of y’all are stuck in jobs that you don’t want to be in, stuck in friendships that are no longer fruitful, living your life below your full potential because you are too focused on people pleasing. You are more scared of the responses some will have to you by disappointing them than you are afraid of living a life of regret by constantly doing things that you don’t want to do. When you live a life that is focused on people pleasing, you are literally living a life that was not designed for you.”


Whatever You Didn’t Like About Yourself in 2017, Don’t Take Into 2018

“Whatever you didn’t like about yourself, the way you were living, about your finances, about your health, none of that has to come into 2018. The only way it will be given access to 2018 is if you allow it in.”

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