What You Can Learn From What Happened To Tamar Braxton

What You Can Learn From What Happened To Tamar Braxton

According to conflicting reports, Tamar Braxton was “shocked” when she learned she was fired from The Real.  

Her husband, allegedly, got the news when he called producers inquiring about the Essence Festival. Tamar, in a recent Steve Harvey Morning Show interview, said she “fell over” in grief at the news that came “out of nowhere.”  It was a shock, unplanned, state of affairs that is common in workplaces. Shock hardens the body, contracts your consciousness, and builds fear as a wall of protection. Feelings of being the victim, isolated or confused take over your physical, spiritual, and mental health.  

When these feelings take the wheel, your intuition is muted. During a crisis, you need your intuition more than ever.

Navigate ‘shock at work’ moments with these strategies to get back in your right mind — literally.


Get out. Spend time outdoors, under the sun, and rejuvenate your body with healthy rays. Sunlight is said to increase our mood, Vitamin D, lower blood pressure, and cleanse the blood.  Go for a run, or take your workout outside. Exercise releases the stuck feelings in your body, muscles, and cells. Drink plenty of water to release toxic thoughts and feelings. If not, they will become part of you, and you will carry the same problems everywhere you go. Treat yourself well during this time. Healthy food, comfortable surroundings, and pamper yourself with self-love.


Speak up.  Find a trusted therapist, coach or nonjudgmental friend who can listen.  Talk therapy is a spiritual exercise, referred to as platica in ancient Aztec healing culture. It also builds inner strength to talk openly about yourself easily to others without fear of retribution. It is a sacred exchange that declutters the mind. In addition, journaling every morning “cleans” your consciousness before the day begins.  

Most of the communication we do with others is nonverbal. Make sure you don’t get your signals crossed, which can lead to confrontation, misunderstanding and confusion, not otherwise intended.


Get still. Any kind of shock makes us feel small, helpless or out of control. It is important to still your mind. The goal is to get back on the road to expansion — thoughts that contain big, beautiful, and wild ideas that support your next big step. Your intuition acts as a guide to what is coming up ahead. When you are tuned in, you are able to see the forest from the trees. Nothing can come as a shock because inside you really knew.  

Meditation, a good night’s sleep, walking, or reading a book are other ways to cope and nurture your broken heart.

Our heart is one of the oldest parts of our body. It revels in joy. Treat yourself with self-care and preparation. When shock hits, you can strike back with love.