nursing home The family wants the nursing home to be held accountable.

Wheelchair-Bound Texas Man Dies After Dispute At Nursing Home

Ronnie Green was arrested and charged with injuring Baron Godwin over a fight about money.

A Texas family is looking for justice after a fight over money at a nursing home led to the death of their loved one who uses a wheelchair.

According to Fox 7 Austin, Baron Godwin, 68, was killed at the “Oasis at Austin” nursing home on Rogge Lane, according to police officials. A 62-year-old man named Ronnie Green was arrested and charged with killing Godwin. Although he is suspected of causing his death,  he has only been charged with injury to the elderly. He’s being held on $50,000 bond.

The family has stated that he was slated to only be there for a few weeks due to a brain injury.

“That is crazy that you can not come out from a nursing home; it’s still mind-blowing to me like that could happen in a place where you’re supposed to feel safe,” his daughter, Erica Gonzales, said.

Police stated that when they spoke to Green, he said Godwin had allegedly given him $50 to buy a lottery ticket, lighter, and crack cocaine. Green told them that after he returned with the items and gave Godwin his change, Godwin accused him of keeping some of the money. That accusation led to the two of them fighting. Green did admit that he pinned Godwin to the ground and hit him in the face, and Godwin fell out of his wheelchair.

Godwin’s son, Reuben Gonzales, is perplexed by the lack of a murder charge.

“He’s not charged with murder. They’re giving them this low bond. That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Erica also stated that the nursing home deceived them about how her father died.

“They just said he slipped and fell,” Gonzales revealed.

It wasn’t until his roommate told them what happened after they went to the nursing home facility to pick up his belongings.

“He is like, ‘he didn’t fall.’ He’s like, ‘he got hit in the head, cracked in the head,’ exact words, he said with the wheelchair feet,” she said.

The family wants the nursing home to be held accountable.

“How can a fight like that happen in your facility, and nobody knows anything? We want justice. We want those people to pay for what they did. We lost our dad. It wasn’t like a little physical fight. Somebody died,” Erica said.

Godwin’s family has set up a GoFundMe page. There will also be a benefit on Friday, Dec. 1, at noon to raise money for funeral expenses. The location is 15214 Wideleaf Cove in Austin.