When The Pandemic Hit Q Fitness, This Wellness Gym Owner Took Things Virtual To Keep Members In Shape

When The Pandemic Hit Q Fitness, This Wellness Gym Owner Took Things Virtual To Keep Members In Shape

Cremonlyn Morris-Frazier, the owner of Q Fitness and Wellness, founded the Minneapolis gym in January 2019 to give members of the LGBTQ+ community a place to work out and feel comfortable.

According to Morris-Frazier, Q fitness was doing well during its first year, increasing its number of customers and getting ready to offer some new classes. Then the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

“Once we had to close the doors to the large commercial space we leased, I had to immediately begin to think about how we could still fully support our clients remotely. And, I also had deep concerns about whether our unique, client-centered services could be delivered,” Morris-Frazier tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Like movie theaters, gyms were forced to completely shut down during the pandemic. However, Morris-Frazier, who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, understood that providing virtual solutions would not only provide a way for her clients to stay in shape, it would keep Q Fitness and Wellness connected to its client base.

Since the business could now operate virtually, Morris-Frazier took the opportunity to move Q Fitness and Wellness to Charlotte, North Carolina, to be closer to her mother. She created a recording/fitness studio in the spare bedroom of the apartment she and her wife share. There she could conduct virtual workouts and continue providing her growing client base with the exercises they wanted.

Q Fitness
Cremolyn Morris-Frazier leads a class at Q Fitness and Wellness (Courtesy of Cremolyn Morris-Frazier)

“We have a loyal client base that was determined to maintain the mental and physical benefits that fitness provides,” Morris-Frazier says. “Many clients found the accessibility and convenience of working-out from home a bonus and were excited to be creative with their space in order to stay on their wellness track.”

Morris-Frazier credits U.S. Bank with helping Q Fitness and Wellness during the pandemic by providing it with support from the bank’s business department.

“Our rep took the time to deeply understand what makes Q Fitness and Wellness unique and how important it is in our community,” Frazier says about the bank. “We were provided with many additional resources as well as being put in touch with others who are able to be of support to our small and growing business.”

Today, Q Fitness and Wellness has a new physical location where it offers personal training, small group classes, and LGBTQ safety and defense workshops at its studio in Charlotte as well as virtually. Additionally, clients can get nutritional and behavioral consulting and flexible pricing plans.

Morris-Frazier says she is thankful to the Charlotte community for helping her and Q Fitness and Wellness survive the pandemic but for making Charlotte home.

“I do not take for granted that many businesses did not survive, and I am appreciative of everyone who supported us and still supports us in this wonderful journey,” Morris-Frazier says. “Because I am still standing on the other end of the pandemic, I feel especially committed and responsible to make sure the services and safe place we have created for the LGBTQ+ community stays intact and continues to expand.”

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