In Which Industry do MBA Graduates Earn the Most?

Did you know: If you graduate with your MBA, you can expect to earn a base salary of $101,256 one year after graduation. That’s according to a new graph by CNN Money, which charts the top 100 MBA employers.

On average, men made close to $7,000 more in their first jobs than their female counterparts.

But graduates who go into utilities — yes, utilities — earn the most money after finishing their degree.

But is it the right decision for everyone? That depends on what your passions and expectations are, according to one expert.

“If your passion is starting your own company, learning by doing is an equally viable choice,” says the Wall Street Journal’s Steve Blank. “But you need to ask yourself, Where do you want to work: startups, mid-size or large companies? If it’s at a large company, what do you want do: engineering management or corporate management? If you find yourself debating the ‘startup versus large company’ choice you’ve already chosen the big company. Entrepreneurship isn’t a career choice it’s a passion and obsession.”