Where to Find the Best Deals During Cyber Week

The National Retail Federation estimates that over 120 million people shopped online on Cyber Monday alone, as we move into the final days of Cyber Week.

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It’s very difficult to keep track of which retailer is offering the best deals on which items, and when is the best time to buy them. “The four days starting from Black Friday were filled with deals,” says Jie Zhang, an expert at Wallet Hub and marketing professor at the University of Maryland. “Many retailers will also run flash sales online and via mobile apps throughout the holiday shopping season.  So consumers who are interested in deep discounts should also look out for those deals outside the Black Friday-to-Cyber Monday window.”

Wallet Hub surveyed 3,128 deals to find out which online retailer is offering the best discounts on the websites of 30 of the biggest retailers and broke them into 11 product categories.  Here are the findings of their survey.

Source: WalletHub