White Billionaire’s Daughter-in-Law Charged with Manslaughter After Fatally Shooting Black Cop

White Billionaire’s Daughter-in-Law Charged with Manslaughter After Fatally Shooting Black Cop

The daughter-in-law of a British billionaire was charged with manslaughter by negligence after she fatally shot a Black police officer while under the influence of alcohol.

Jasmine Hartin 32, was denied bail at her arraignment Monday night after fatally shooting San Pedro Superintendent Henry Jemmott in Belize, Daily Mail reports. Hartin is married to the son of wealthy UK businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft and was spending time in Belize when she ended up hanging out with Jemmott.

The two were partying the night away and defying a COVID-19 curfew on a pier before Jemmott’s body was found floating in the water Friday morning with a bullet wound to the head, police said. Hartin was charged three days after being detained at a court complex in San Pedro described by locals as “hell on earth,” NY Post reports.

Jemmott, 42, was reportedly shot behind the ear with his own gun, police said. Hartin was covered in blood and “deeply distressed and shaking” when police arrived at the scene. The mother of two was initially uncooperative with authorities but eventually confessed to accidentally shooting the officer after he threatened her with cocaine-possession charges.

She claims that she was giving the officer a massage when he asked her to hand over his Glock pistol. But the gun accidentally went off, killing the officer with him falling into the pier.

Hartin lives in Belize with her wealthy husband and children. She works as the director of lifestyle and experience at her husband’s luxury resort, the Alaia Belize.

Jemmott was thought to be staying at the resort to get a break amid relationship woes, The Times of London reports. He was friends with the Ashcroft family, but they insist nothing romantic was going on between the officer and Hartin. They were both fully clothed at the time of the shooting.

Manslaughter charges in Belize typically can lead to 25 years in prison, but Hartin is facing a maximum of five years and possibly just a $10,000 fine.