White Cop Fired After Hogtying Black Woman and Ignoring Her Pleas For Help in Patrol Vehicle

White Cop Fired After Hogtying Black Woman and Ignoring Her Pleas For Help in Patrol Vehicle

Late last week, a white Aurora, Colorado, police officer admitted that he ignored a Black woman’s cries for help after the woman fell head-first while hogtied in the back of a patrol car. The police officer allowed her to stay in that position for nearly 21 minutes last year, according to CBS News.

Former police officer Levi Huffine was fired for the incident. Video footage of the incident, first shown on Tuesday by the city on Tuesday, is part of an appeal hearing for the former police officer. The video shows 28-year-old Shataean Kelly being arrested on Aug. 27, 2019, on charges resulting from a fight. Huffine places cuffs on her and then places her in the back of the patrol car and then ties her handcuffed hands to her feet, hogtying her.

After Huffine and another officer place Kelly in the back of the police car, she leans toward the other side of the vehicle and attempts to open the car door. After she does so, Huffine told the other officer he was going to “hobble” her for “trying to get out of my car.” Police then took her out of the car and put her face down in nearby grass.

The video shows the woman screaming that she was in pain and she could not breathe. She continuously asked for him to help her sit up, and when he did not do so, she became aggressive. She slid headfirst to the floor of the vehicle. She eventually slid farther down and landed on the floor, her feet were above her head. She cried and apologized and repeatedly said she couldn’t breathe.

“I don’t want to die like this, officer. …I’m a good person I’m just under the influence,” she said, “This is some slavery sh*t. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry God … It hurts so bad … Please don’t let me die back here.”

“Master, I’ll be good,” she pleaded minutes later.

After arriving at the detention center, a female officer opened the door and asked, “Honey, why are you head down like that?”

“He was gonna kill me,” she told the female officer.

When the female officer told Huffine “that didn’t look pleasant,” Huffine responded, “She was in the seat, but she decided she wanted to roll, so.”