White Husband Chastises Wife Who Taunted Black Couple at Gas Station

White Husband Chastises Wife Who Taunted Black Couple at Gas Station

One of the best ways that racism can start to be eliminated is for White people to be told that their racist thinking and attitudes are wrong.

Well, we have one White man who is doing his part, thanks to a mobile phone video clip of him chastising his White wife about her harassment of a Black couple at a gas station.

In a Tik Tok video posted by Nikki Chanel Harbor, that was later reposted on the TMZ website, a White couple is seen arguing with each other as the White woman is seen throwing things out of their car. The White man then shoves her into the car. As they continue to argue, the White woman then slaps him in the face, and the bickering continues before the man walks around the car in the first posted clip.

In the second posted clip, filmed from a different position, the White man is seen yelling at his wife to return to the car as she starts taunting the Black woman, along with a male companion, who was filming the encounter. The White man is telling her that she is about to get “her ass beat” as she approaches the Black couple. As he continues to yell at her to re-enter the car before she gets her ass beat, the White woman then claims that the Black man is a drug dealer. He asked her if she accusing him of being a drug dealer because he is “driving a f***in Buick?”

As the White woman is walking away from the White man, he turns to the Black couple and apologizes for her behavior toward them.

Warning: Strong language occurs in the video clip below:

Now if more White men would step up to get the “Karens” of the world in order, that would be great.