White TikToker Threatens Legal Action After Black TikToker Calls Out Her White Privilege

White TikToker Threatens Legal Action After Black TikToker Calls Out Her White Privilege

A Black TikToker claims a white TikToker threatened legal action against her after she made a video calling out the girl’s white privilege.

It all started after model Anna Gantt uploaded a teary-eyed video recalling her traumatic experience in the modeling industry. Gantt claimed she went from a size 0/2 to a 4/6 and was allegedly body shamed and told she gained too much weight to continue modeling.

Gantt claimed she was told, “We’d really like to see more of your bones,” for her to book jobs.

“I’m never good enough, and I’ve been modeling since 2014,” the New York-based model said in the now-viral video.

@annavganttWelcome to the reality of modeling in NYC. I’m so crushed. #fyp #nyc #modeling #fashion #model #nyclife♬ original sound – Anna Gantt

But it was after TikTok user Sevyn Sativa (@sevynsativa) posted a response to Gantt’s video that the white model claims she was targeted. In Sativa’s video, she shared her sympathy with Gantt’s experience of being body shamed for a job.

“Women of color, specifically Black women, have been pointing out this problem within this industry for years,” Sativa said.

“Notice how you as a white woman were able to get on this app and tell us your experience, get over 10 million views, 2 million likes, and over 30,000 comments with immediate responses.”

After posting the informative response, Gantt reportedly posted a since-deleted video claiming that two creators called her “fatphobic, a white supremacist, a racist.” While the since-deleted TikTok didn’t call out Sativa by name, it seemingly referenced her video discussing privilege.

@sevynsativa#greenscreenvideo @Anna Gantt if you aren’t talking about me, my bad. If you are, well here ya go… #fypシ♬ original sound – Sevyn ✨

Sativa denied calling Gantt a white supremacist, and Gantt reportedly claimed that “she’s not taking any legal action.” But Sativa told the Daily Dot that Gantt left a comment on her video threatening legal action.

“Not surprising you don’t mention the 2 death threats I received directly traces from your previous video. Better lawyer up,” Gantt reportedly wrote.

“I don’t know what’s going on with that but, I do know this whole thing is ridiculous, to say the least,” Sativa said.