White Woman Caught on Video Falsely Accusing Black Man of Stealing Her Son’s Phone

White Woman Caught on Video Falsely Accusing Black Man of Stealing Her Son’s Phone

Another day, another case of a “Karen” causing mayhem! This time, a white woman in California confronted a Black teen who she accused of stealing her cell phone.

Similar to how Miya Ponsetto attacked a young Black boy at a SoHo hotel in New York City, minus the violence, a young Black man was accosted and accused of stealing the phone of a shopper’s son as he filmed the interaction, in a now-viral video.

As you will see in the video clip below, not only did the Black man, Ya’shear Bryant, not steal the phone, her son returns to Walmart with the phone in his hand. Instead of apologizing for being wrong, she tells him to go “F*** yourself” as she walks into the Walmart with her son, who is holding the “stolen” phone in his hand.

This interaction took place at a Walmart in Moreno Valley.

“She accused me of stealing her son’s phone, followed me outside the store. First, she was eyeing me in the store. … I know I’m Black with tattoos, so she automatically assumes I have it,” Bryant said in the video. “His location says it’s me. I [don’t] have her son’s phone, but she’s followed me outside of Walmart here in Moreno Valley.”

He continues by saying, “She runs up to me and says, ‘Excuse me, you have my son’s phone?’ I pull my phone out and tell her no, I do not, as well as my money and my ID and tell her who I am and I do not steal, and she continues.”

After Bryant posted the video to social media, the “Walmart Karen” was identified as Liz de la Torres. Based on the T-shirt she was wearing, it was also revealed that she is an employee of Kaiser Permanente.

The company released a statement:

Bryant has stated that he was “definitely pressing charges” for racial profiling.