Whoomp, There It Is! Black Professionals Reportedly Filing Lawsuit to Stop Release of “Freaknik” Documentary

Whoomp, There It Is! Black Professionals Reportedly Filing Lawsuit to Stop Release of “Freaknik” Documentary

Hulu has a documentary coming out about Freaknik that has our aunties, uncles, and parents expressing their concerns—in the form of a lawsuit.

Earlier this month, Hulu teased the upcoming documentary Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told, Variety reported. The documentary highlights the infamous Spring break festival that swept the ’90s and had many in a chokehold.

Taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, each year, swarms of people, primarily students from HBCUs, would flock to the city to turn up Uncle Luke style up until the festival ended in 1999.

Now the new generation will get a chance to see what exactly went down and led to Freaknik’s demise when Hulu releases the documentary, which was executive produced by Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell himself.

But not everyone is on board with the documentary’s release. A group of Black women professionals, comprised of one politician, three high-level corporate executives, and one judge, have lawyered up and are threatening to sue Hulu in hopes of stopping the documentary’s release, News One reports.

One woman, a married mother of three who makes over $1 million annually, believes the documentary shows her in an “unflattering light” and there are already videos circulating online she doesn’t want her children to see.

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed the possible lawsuit and thinks the debate of fair use could come into play about the Freaknik footage that is over 25 years old. Some who attended Freaknik have taken to social media to express their concern about the documentary’s release.

One woman posted a TikTok that went viral on Twitter with one person claiming that “All the Freaknik aunties scared.”


“I’ve been to several Freakniks. 94′ was one that I attended. I’m just praying that Jesus be a fence,” the woman said in the video.

Others recalled officer Thaddeus Lloyd, who was suspended with pay in 2012 after a graphic throwback photo of his behavior at the ’91 Freaknik surfaced online, Daily Mail reported.

The new documentary is slated for a mid-April 2024 release, which would mark the 30th anniversary of the famed 1994 Freaknik celebration.