Whoopi Goldberg Clapped Back at ‘The View’ Audience Member Who Called Her an ‘Old Broad’

Throughout Whoopi Goldberg’s entire career in the entertainment industry, the actress hasn’t been afraid to speak her mind on any given topic, regardless of the outcome. 

This was proven to be the case again on Jan. 18, after Goldberg briefly checked an audience member during a live taping of The View when that particular person called the co-host an “old broad.” According to Entertainment Weekly, the event occurred at the beginning of the show when everyone, including Goldberg, cheerfully took their seats.

The mood quickly shifted after an unidentified woman dressed in a colorful blazer and a fur hat shouted the phrase. As Goldberg acknowledged what transpired, she immediately responded, “Did you just call me an ‘old broad’?” Following that question, the camera panned over to the woman, who nodded yes.  

That exchange appeared to have ruffled Goldberg’s feathers because the 67-year-old retaliated with a smart remark. When Goldberg’s co-hosts asked her to clarify what happened, the Ghost star explained, “Yeah. She said, ‘You old broad,’ and I was like, ‘Hey, it’s Wednesday, and I am an old broad, and happy about it.’”


As Goldberg’s co-host Sunny Hostin tried to inform her that being called an “old broad” is better than any alternative word, the EGOT winner quickly jumped in and said, “The alternative is not attractive to any of us. We all want to be old broads and old dudes, you know?”

When the clip started circulating online, many people had opposing views. Some individuals praised Goldberg for her response, while others claimed that the audience member was possibly referring to the star’s new book “Two Old Broads” when she called Goldberg that term.

“Loved how Whoopi handled that. She’s such a powerhouse.”

“Lesson to lady in the audience. Never holler at an EGOT person. They have achieved some of the highest recognition in their craft. I loved Whoopi’s reaction she handled it with humor and grace.”

“I don’t think she was calling her a old broad she was referring to her new book “Two Old Broads” I think she was yelling it as a term of endearment because Whoopi reacted in playful way the media always want to dissect something.”

“Could the woman be referring to Whoopi’s book Two Old Broads?”

Despite fans’ opinions, Goldberg has yet to release an additional statement.