Who’s The GOAT Between Stevie Wonder and Stevie Nicks? Black Twitter Shut Down Any Questions Anybody May Have Had

A Twitter user, ill-versed on Black culture and its icons, got schooled when he took to the social media platform to spark a debate regarding who was better between the legendary Steveland Morris (AKA Stevie Wonder) and rocker Stevie Nicks. Stevie Wonder trended on Twitter for all the right reasons.

@4ever_days  posted the question nobody is asking on Saturday. 

Hello everyone!  Stevie Nicks or Stevie Wonder?”


It’s the audacity for me.


Because Black Twitter is the sanctuary for Black culture, sh*t got hot quickly.


One person concluded that even Nicks would rock with the “Part-Time Lover” singer. 


One Twitter user admitted that he was fearful when the iconic 71-year-old artist was trending on the platform. 


Even the legendary Dionne Warwick had to shut down the nonsense.

Then a Twitter user dropped tea that blew minds. 

Stevie Wonder was the Jackson’s third cousin. Janet Jackson disclosed the little-known fact in an interview. 

“People don’t know this one; Stevie is actually our cousin on my mother’s side. We don’t talk about this…but yeah, he is.”

A musical prodigy, Wonder recorded his first album at age 11. He was also one of the youngest singers ever to be signed to iconic Motown Records. By age ten, Wonder had taught himself to play the harmonica, piano, drums and other instruments. 

Throughout Wonder’s illustrious career, he has amassed 25 Grammy Awards and 74 nominations.  

Although Nicks is a well-respected and talented musician in her own right, the Black delegation knows that she can’t touch Stevie Wonder.