Will.I.Am Releases Official Clothing Line to Support His Smart Face Mask Collection

Will.I.Am Releases Official Clothing Line to Support His Smart Face Mask Collection

Rapper/producer and tech innovator Will.I.Am is expanding on his successful line of smart masks with an official clothing line modeled around modern technology.

On Tuesday, Will.I.Am’s XUPERMASK launched XUPERGEAR, an innovative line of clothing made to live stylishly and comfortably in a post-pandemic world. The first of its kind collection integrates mask protection inside modern streetwear.

Made in response to the success of Will.I.Am’s earlier partnership with manufacturing and technology leader Honeywell that saw the release of one-of-a-kind innovative smart masks that served as wearable technology. The XUPERMASK’s innovative design was created ergonomically to fit and enhance multiple functions for the modern lifestyle.

“I created XUPERMASK to change the game of our new normal,” will.i.am said.

“In this new age of style and security, XUPERMASK is uncompromising protection with high-tech performance for the modern lifestyle. Alongside Honeywell, we’ve engineered the accessory with state-of-the-art breathing filtration.”


It’s a partnership that Honeywell was proud to take part in with the tech company serving out its mission of transforming how the world works.

“XUPERMASK offers wearers cutting-edge design and functionality,” Darius Adamczyk, chairman and chief executive officer of Honeywell said.

“Its blend of fashion, technology and function is unparalleled. We are proud to have partnered with will.i.am on this unique and innovative project.”

Now with XUPERGEAR serving as XUPERMASK’s take on functional streetwear, the new collection includes two designs and colorways (graffiti and blank) in six SKUs, and all with an attached mask and Honeywell filter insert. The pieces work to provide a seamless combination of streetwear style with the necessary personal protective equipment needed to get through a mid and post-pandemic world.


Designed and made in Los Angeles, XUPERGEAR is constructed out of wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking heavy-weight soft neoprene and Lycra jersey that make the structured collection go-to pieces when traveling or simply on the go. The integrated mask is adjustable and made with Italian-made hardware to provide a perfect fit for each wearer.

Every XUPERGEAR purchase comes packaged in a custom box set with 12 Honeywell filter inserts and collectible postcards.