Will Packer Admits Will Smith’s Action ‘Was a Very Painful Moment for Me On Many Levels’

First-time Oscar producer Will Packer took to social media to comment on his entry into the televised award show. Without directly mentioning the Will Smith/Chris Rock fiasco, he did admit that the moment hit him deeply.

With Sunday’s telecast, the movie and television producer Will Packer made history when he led the first all-Black production team in Oscars history. Sadly, that will be a footnote as everyone continues to talk about Smith slapping Rock in the face on stage at the Academy Awards presentation.

Packer said, it “was a very painful moment for me.”

Packer did acknowledge on his Twitter account the day after the airing that he did assure viewers that the show wouldn’t be boring. And it certainly wasn’t.

After the producer sent out that tweet, a Twitter user, Jonathan Jewel, admonished him for sending that out the tweet and made sure the “assault” witnessed was mentioned in his response.

This led Packer to respond to the user directly and express how painful the moment was for him.

Despite the attention to what transpired at the Academy Awards presentation, Packer was still proud of the achievement accomplished with a Black producer taking the helm.