Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Say ‘Bad Boys 4’ Will Happen

What you gonna do when they come for you?!? IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME!

Well, it looks like Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett will team up again.

On Tuesday, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence made it official: another chapter in the Bad Boys series is on the way.  On their social media accounts, the duo announced that they’re definitely returning as the undercover police officers we have grown to love.

On Smith’s Instagram account, he filmed himself screaming into the camera.

“I wish I was you not knowing what I’m about to show me!” he says behind the wheel of a vehicle. in the video, he pulls up to a house, gets out of the car, and in his excitement, he goes to the door and knocks on it several times. As the door is being opened, Lawrence promptly blurts out, “It’s about that time?”

As the two show each other love and act as if they had not seen each other since the last movie, they announce that Bad Boys 4 is coming. As they tell us, they seem confused since the last title was Bad Boys for Life, seemingly admitting that this next installment should have been named Bad Boys 4 Life, but, it did not matter as both were happy to bring us the news!


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According to Variety, Sony Pictures has confirmed that the latest sequel is already in early pre-production. The script was written by Chris Bremner with Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah making their return as the directors. They directed Bad Boys for Life, which debuted in 2020, exactly 25 years after the initial Bad Boys movie.

Bad Boys for Life made $426.5 million at the worldwide box office.

Last summer, in an exclusive interview with Ebony magazine,  Lawrence said that there would be “at least” one more movie in the Bad Boys franchise.