Boss Moves: 3 Winning Management Strategies of Silicon Valley

Boss Moves: 3 Winning Management Strategies of Silicon Valley

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We’ve seen a major tech boom with companies like Facebook, Google, Instagram and Pinterest, taking the industry by storm with major wins. Each offers unique services, but one thing these companies have in common is high productivity among their workers.

Brazen Careerist details why these companies have seen major success and how you can take a cue from them when it comes to getting work done effectively and efficiently.

Create a culture of autonomy, transparency and openness. If you want your team to produce more and build more, cut out the traditional manager. In a traditional company, managers communicate what’s been done, accumulate and disseminate information as they see fit and dictate what employees work on. This is inefficient. If a manager fails in any way, it debilitates the entire team.

When the big Silicon Valley engineers built their companies from the ground up, they avoided the need for managers by creating cultures of autonomy, information transparency and openness. Their employees always know what others are doing and have the autonomy to manage their own work. As a result, they are incredibly self-motivated and productive.

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