Wireless In Minutes

Looking for a quick, pain-free way to set up a home network? Consider the Actiontec Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router and 802.llb Wireless Card. Actiontec has made it simple for those who quake at the thought of setting up a home network. The router has color-coded cables and ports, so you can easily see which connection goes where. Additionally, the product comes with an “installation buddy” that guides you through the process with detailed, step-by-step instructions and photos that give users visual as well as verbal cues on setting up the router. The process was so easy, we were finished before we even realized it.

We also connected the Actiontec 802.11b PC Card, which let us roam and surf with ease. As with the router, setup was a snap, taking roughly 10 minutes for both products as long as you carefully follow the installation instructions. If you’ve been thinking about building a home network, but think it might be difficult, consider the combination of the Actiontec Wireless Ready Cable/ DSL Router and 802.11b Wireless PC Card. (www.actiontec.com; $99, router; $75, PC card)

Before You Begin »
Don’t rush out to purchase the latest wireless network products until you make sure your PC can handle the job. Check for the following:
1. A network interface card (NIC) in all the PCs you plan to network
2. The necessary hard disk and memory space
3. The right operating system (check the box for requirements)
4. High-speed Internet connection