With BTC Hitting $60K, Learn How to Trade Cryptocurrency With This Trading Bundle

Investing in currencies that primarily exist on the internet may be unfathomable a decade ago, but now, it’s becoming the norm. Crypto trading is everywhere, with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP being traded every day. Bitcoin hitting over $60,000 is just a testament to how strong crypto trading is, and how there’s so much money one can make from it.

But there’s more to crypto trading than what you can do in readily available apps like Coinbase and Binance. If automated algorithms are involved, you can garner more revenue. You can use trading bots to automate your strategies while you sleep. With the Quantitative Crypto Trading Strategies for Intermediate to Advanced Learners Bundle, you can learn how to do exactly that.

All courses are from QuantInsti, a pioneer institute in producing educational and technological courses and tools for Quants, Traders and Developers. This three course training package contains lectures on machine language, statistical arbitrage, and other techniques. These will help you make informed decisions when it comes to trading crypto. You’ll learn the difference between quantitative and technical trading. Also, you will explore the quantitative trading strategy framework and implement techniques in the live markets. You’ll also be familiarized with time series analysis, Arima Garch models, and implementations of options and derivatives, along with coding different trading strategies based on technical indicators.

While these may all sound foreign now, learn at your own pace, at your own time. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for only $144.99.

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